NEW YORK FACE $100million lawsuit. By: Edwin Rivera, Pro Se

October 6, 2017 – The New York State Court of Claims dismissed the Attorney General’s Motion to dismiss the complaint filed by Edwin Rivera. However, unlike the Attorney General (AG), who never gave Rivera an opportunity to defend, the court has now given them the opportunity to defend themselves at the trial set for June 2018 for false arrest(s), etc. We don’t need Cassini to prove that the AG doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment

The Attorney General of New York State is being sued for $100 million dollars for false arrest(s) and damages. If proven, the plaintiff, Edwin Rivera, will be awarded what the Court sees fit, considering the conspiracy to close his office. Since 2004, when the matter of Bronx began, Civil number 1576/2004, the Assistant Attorney General (AAG), Roberto Lebron, has alleged that Edwin Rivera (1) committed fraud against immigrants, (2) posed as an attorney, and (3) practiced law without a license. These and other issues will be proven to be false at the trial.

The power of the AG’s office was used to hide and harass Edwin Rivera and to avenge crimes committed by Lebron and his boys1, which were reported by Edwin Rivera to NYS IG.

John J. Montes, Sr, was the attorney of record for the defendant, Edwin Rivera, and he was never given an opportunity to challenge the false allegations during any of the court hearings since 2004. See Felder v. Casey, 487 U.S. 131, 108 S.Ct. 2302, 101 L. Ed. 2d 123 (1988).

Court Orders were filed in May 2005, August 2008, November 2011, and October 2016 to protect the defendant from the alleged crimes. The orders hinged on the May 2005 decision and all the hearings held. Mr. Montes was not notified even once to appear for the hearings. Just recently, in October 2016, Rivera filed a Notice of Appeal, which was denied. Neither the AG nor the Court notified the defendant that the Notice of Appeal had been denied, and the arrest of Rivera was ordered. The Court that handled the Real Estate Fraud cases and all cases brought by Rivera gave them to the same judge as if one judge had been assigned to Rivera.

RIVERA must prove that the Court’s orders were VOID. If that is the case, each arrest ordered by the Court at the request of AG, was a false arrest.

This was the product of a never-ending attack by Lebron, his friends of the Court, and the Court that knew about the frauds committed by the following: Ronald Klar, Real Estate Lawyer – real estate fraud; Judge Esposito (presiding over the real estate fraud) – Election Fraud; and Lebron, who never disclosed what happened to the missing Puerto Rican Bar Association money during an audit conducted by Edwin Rivera. These were the crimes that were properly reported to the Office of the Inspector General of New York State (OIG).

1.       An unnatural group because that group was made up of people here in Bronx, New York; Dominican Republic; and Puerto Rico. Lebron and his mob had Rivera arrested in the Dominican Republic, revealed confidential medical records to newspapers in Puerto Rico for the purpose of publishing, had the Bronx Court issue arrest warrants when both (Court & Lebron) parties knew that they had violated the due process (making each decision of the Court void and illegal). While it is illegal to commit election fraud and real estate fraud, the AG ignored the information provided by Rivera. Had it not been for the matter of this case, the AG would continue with criminals. The Feds need to intervene in the civil violations and crimes against the people.

2.       Most lawyers fear AG.

OIG notified Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, and he ignored the complaints. The plaintiff, Edwin Rivera, expects to win the lawsuit and hopes that proper measures are carried out by the United States Attorney General to prosecute Lebron and others. See section 1983, Civil Rights.


 See Edwin Rivera vs. State of New York, Claim # 129674. Mr. Lebron is a person, and he is not to hide behind the protection of the New York State’s Attorney General’s Office. Revenge, or personal vendetta, from before he was the Assistant Attorney General, using the power of the office for a personal vendetta, and harassing any person is illegal and punishable under the law.  



AAG LEBRON - part of an ongoing criminal org


February 2017, it was discovered that the AG has caused injuries as part of a conspiracy "four-year statute of limitations period begins as soon as a plaintiff discovers his injury, regardless of when the fraud causing that injury is discovered." RICO LAW. Real Estate Fraud discovered in 1998 involve people in the streets of the Bronx and those in the Bronx Court. Edwin Rivera, the Plaintiff, was a victim back then but had no idea what was happening. It was not until February 2017 that my reputation was damaged and the application to practice immigration law might not be approved. In fact, the injury came about December 2017. My application for the License to Practice Immigration Law was denied because of the false allegations and fraudulent practice of AAG Lebron and his discreet entity.